Change Strategies 
"Nothing Changes Unless You Change it." 
Life Coaching
C-Level Collaboration

I work with CEO's on designing the way in which their organization produces and achieves results. I partner with them to design and develop the ideal organization through positive transformation and enlightened methodology.

My approach is to guide business leaders and management across organizational business units to develop their people, execute corporate culture initiatives and leadership and talent strategies that build a high achieving, positive work environment that aligns with business objectives.


When you seek life coaching help, you're consciously stepping out of your hectic life. Working with a life coach gives you a chance to reflect on your personal strengths and challenges.

With coaching advice on your side you can learn to:

Focus on the positive things in your life.
Reduce stress.
Pursue goals that make you happy.
Stop putting your energy into toxic situations or behavior.
Build on your strengths and achieve more.
Take care of yourself better.
Tune into things that lift you up.
Become confident about your own ideas.

Part of what life coaching does is help you make an action plan. You'll learn to apply yourself to what works for your life. And you'll gain the confidence to protect yourself from negativity.
Manager Mentor Program
A service providing one-on-one mentoring & coaching to executives, managers, and supervisors. Acting as an advisor to management, provide information and guidance regarding the external and internal business environments to seek and develop competitive advantages in the marketplace.
Employees leave managers not companies..

Process Improvement
Structural Intervention program that creates an atmosphere where employees are engaged to create products and services that are continually advancing, meeting the changing needs of customers

We can not solve our problms with the same thinking that created them.

Think Tank Participant
Contribute valuable, creative insight on projects, customer experience, design and implementation of new ideas, marketing inspired creativity.

Talent Aquisition & Management
Talent Aquisition & Management
Recruitment Brand Strategy

for your Talent Acquisition Department!

The same ol same ol doesn't work in this day and age if you trying to attract fresh, innovative candidates that will ignite your organization with new life and new ideas.

Stand out from the rest. Set your organization apart from the others.
Corporate Fusion knows how to put together a
Recruitment Brand Strategy 
that will do just that!! 

CorpFusionHR designs organization specific talent strategies to increase traffic of top candidates.
HRIS System Design & Implemenation
Candidate Database Growth Development Plan and Management
Recruitment Brand Marketing Strategy design and implementation 
Leadership Development
Employee Development